Sir Walter Raleigh at Turton Tower Indoors.

Our ‘Season’ ended with Sir Walter Raleigh at the candlelight atmosphere at Turton Tower and an unexpected turn as Santa at Selfridges Exchange Manchester. Hey-Ho! Such larks!

We wish you all the Merriest of Christmases and peace, goodwill with a touch of good health and huge success for The New Year.

My heartfelt thanks to you and my team for your support throughout 2019. You came to join us in all weathers and believe me that is much appreciated.

So Cheers to all and look forward to meeting up in 2020.

Santa at Selfridges.

New booking number: To Book: Call 01204 852 203

Lord Byron in Longton.

Rivington welcomes back Lord Byron

For Garstang Arts festival.

The Lord Byron story unfolds.
Welcome to Turton Tower.
Lord Byron at Turton Tower.
Next door to Lydiate Abbey.
The Scotch Piper Inn invites you to visit for a selection of refreshments, drinks, hot pies, and Cheese board.
Join us, in the sunshine, at Lydiate Abbey!
To all my Dr Who Friends. Come along!!
Our Rivington Lord Byron performance was a huge success. It is always a great relief when the first event goes smoothly.
Preparing the tables.
Our audience were welcomed at 12.30pm for lunch. Many thanks to Jayne and her Tea Room staff for all their hard work to get out 70 lunches before 2pm.  Music, chatter and much laughter filled the room. The opening music, Greek in style, was greeted with a round of applause, a lovely surprise. Our story of the adventures of Lord Byron were up and running.


For 1hr, then an interval for more refreshments and 30 minutes later all the text, in the right order, had been delivered. The early morning rehearsing had paid off. Thank you to our splendid audience, Dennis Crompton for writing the script and my wonderful team for all their support.  Drinks all round maybe!  Cheers!



Thank you everyone for your support we are now sold out at Rivington but future performances to be detailed soon.

The Adventures of Lord Byron.

The first of our confirmed performances for The Spring Season 2019.

The Rivington Village Tea Rooms. Tuesday 30th April at 2pm

Lunches may be booked for 12, 12.30 and 1pm to be paid for on the day.

To book your table call :

Kathleen on 01772 466 256 or at the Tea Room Counter.

Do hope you can join us.



   The end of another season – our 16th. It’s always a pleasure to take the stage but without you all it would mean nothing. A big heartfelt hug and thank you to each of you for your support throughout another year. 

     We’re back in 2019 with a new programme to be announced soon. Including our new play ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’, a biography of Lord Byron by our dear Dennis Crompton, which received good notices at its premier at Garstang Arts Festival in August.

  Meanwhile, I hope life is kind to you and we’re together in 2119.                          Season’s greetings from Dean and Company. Cheers.


Oliver Cromwell Invited to Turton Tower.

Last Saturday evening Oliver Cromwell was invited to tell his story and maybe apologise!

The Tower looked wonderful in the Autumn evening, the windows glowing with candle light.

A very Tudor atmosphere. Hustle and bustle as the Turton Tower and Friends team, all costumed in Puritan style, set the scene. The performance room with a bar, the refreshment rooms for the pasty supper took shape. From 6.30pm the audience began to arrive. Music playing to accompany the lively chatter and so Oliver Cromwell strode in with sword at the the ready to explain his story. The best performance to date was Dennis Crompton’s (the writer) verdict.

Many thanks to Blackburn with Darwen Council, Turton Tower and the Friends of the Tower for the welcome, the efficient planning and for creating a wonderful setting. The audience had a delightful evening, which they appreciated with their applause thank you for joining us.

A few images to give you a flavour of the evening.

Look out for the Victorian Christmas Evening at Turton Tower on Tuesday 11th December.

A quick rehearsal!

The Puritan Helpers.

The Bar.

The Performance.

The Summer Tour ’18’ took its final curtain in Longton’s Sr. Andrew’s Hall a week last Saturday evening.

It fell to ‘Heroes’, Sir Tom Stoppard’s charming adaptation before a delightful audience, fat in numbers and robust of chuckles! Thanks to each in attendance and to all for a landmark Summer including Oliver Cromwell’s ‘Warts ‘n’ All’ and Lord Byron’s ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’.


Hearty thanks (ever) to our esteemed Front of House Team: Jean-Jeanie, Joy, Peter, Barbara and Maurers and not least, Sound Engineer/Chief Sommelier, Kathleen.

Plans will be announced shortly for dates in early 2019.

                                      Finally; R.I.P. Jim (Davis) and Mervers (Coward)

Our love and condolences to each family. 

 “Thank you Gentlemen Each:  Our Memories of you shall be ever broad and warm.

Cheers, Dean.

St Andrew’s Church Hall. Saturday 25th August 2018. 7pm..                                       The Premier of ‘Mad Bad and Dangerous’, The story of Lord Byron began with a wine reception, music playing and much chatter in the lovely, modern and  sunny Hall of St Andrews.

As the opening lively (think Greek dancing) music began, ‘Broges tanz’ which includes the playing of the Saxophone by Dean’s nephew Arran Kent with his band, quite a surprise as Dean entered as Lord Byron to cheers and applause from our audience. Wonderful!

The full house was entertained with the exploits and writings of the poet interchanged with the narrative by his publisher John Murray from Edinburgh. Much laughter and a few comments and mutterings as the story unfolds. This successful first night of the production was received with great enthusiasm.

Thank you to all who helped and supported us.              Next: Colne Little Theatre.


Our ‘Heroes’ performance of two halves at Turton Tower.

We arrived in beautiful sunshine. Gazebos, Tents, tables and picnics were displayed on the lawn facing The Tower. Music played along with lots of chatter and laughter.

The first half zipped along. We came to the Interval and then a shower which lasted to the end!

Our valiant audience covered up with macs and umbrellas and stayed with us.  The intrepid heroes, Dean, John and Michael just carried on as if nothing was amiss.

Standing ovation and cheers at the end. Many thanks and much appreciated. We all then dripped off to pack up and journey home with steamed up windows!

Well done everyone and so to Garstang Arts Festival on Saturday 25th August 2018 with a new play ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’, the story of Lord Byron.










Dean Taylor.We were very lucky with the weather last Saturday at Lydiate St.Catherine’s Chapel for Oliver Cromwell.

Both performances of ‘Warts ‘n’ All’ were hugely successful in lovely sunshine with a little breeze! Front of House team became a touch damp during the break but valiantly smiled through with soggy lists!
Bill our sound engineer managed to put the leg of his chair down a wasp’s nest. What a swarm! Settled after a while. The bites still itching.

Dean thanked The Friends of Lydiate Abbey for their support. They had a cake stall to raise money towards the upkeep of the site. Delicious. He also thanked his front of House Team, great applause, unfortunately they had gone for a quick visit to The Scotch Piper hostelry next door!

Many thanks to our audience from the locality and abroad, lovely surprise from the U.S.A, who came to support us. They were quite vocal to the likes and dislikes of Oliver but on the whole really took to his story.
One down, upwards and onwards to Turton Tower. Bolton on the 11th August 6pm

 Our Heroes with The Friends and Staff from Turton Tower.






Summer Season 2018 begins at Lydate Abbey. Lydiate with ‘Warts ‘n’ All’ the alternative history of Oliver Cromwell and continues with ‘Heroes’ at Turton Tower. Bolton.

Come and join us?

Go to ‘The Blog Page’ for dates, venues and performances for our 2018 Season so far.






Dean Taylor Productions has become the brand leader for the North of England. Touring theatre indoors and out, rain or shine!

It has presented such a variety of plays, including William Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’, ‘

The Taming of the Shrew’, ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘The Tempest’. Around some of the most exclusive environs in the North.

Our  Summer and Autumn Seasons Draw to a Close.

The performance of ‘Dickie’s Meadow’ The True History of Richard 111 at The Church of St. Anne’s. Bolton on November 10th 2017 at 7.30pm will conclude one of the Companies busiest years.

Four touring plays around England’s North and a fascination of venues.

“Thank you. Ever thankful” (to quote Sir from ‘The Dresser’) to all those who attended our many sell out shows this season and showed interest in our work.

Plans are afoot in frantic frenzy for our 2018 Season which will commence late Winter to Spring.

Sadly we lost two more of our esteemed friends and colleagues this month – John (Johnners) Nickson and Chris (Roberts} Norris, each first rate people. It was our honour to know them. R.I.P.

Dean Taylor.


My next venture. Join me my Dr Who Fans!!