Our ‘Heroes’ come to Turton Tower. Nr. Bolton.

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‘Dad’s Army meets Last of the Summer Wine at Turton Tower.

For ten years Dean Taylor Professional Theatre brought outdoor Shakespeare to Turton Tower, near Bromley Cross. “It was our very favourite venue – the estate is perfect,”says Producer Dean Taylor. “We are delighted and excited to be returning this August with a modern classic: ‘Heroes’ by Tom Stoppard. Dean Taylor Theatre Productions presents its outdoor theatre offering for this Summer with Sir Tom Stoppard’s adaptation of ‘HEROES’ by French Playwright George Sibleyras’. “Sir Tom is a true great among playwrights,” affirms actor/director Dean Taylor. “I have been a huge, huge admirer since I directed his 1990 masterpiece ARCADIA, a play I might propose as the finest piece written in the English language this last thirty years.”

HEROES: Is a comedy set in the French countryside1959, on a terrace adorning a ‘Soldiers Home for Heroes’ run by the long-suffering Sister Madeline: Gustave: “I saw my chance with Madeline and biffed her one. Since then there’s been a distinct coolness between us”. Three old boys from the Great war – Gustave, Henri and Phillippe – with the help of a stone dog mounted on the terrace, dare to dream: Gustave: “ We’re Crusaders, gentlemen, sabres drawn . . .after tea we escape.” Beyond the poplars that stand like sentries on the distant hills lies Paradise: “At dawn we go and we’re taking the dog.” This feel-good play enjoys a tone that made Dad’s Army and Last of the Summer Wine.

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