Lord Byron.

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So now we take ‘The Adventures of Lord Byron’ to Turton Tower.
Our adventure last Saturday at Lydiate Abbey was a little on the rainy side but warm!!! I am sure many of our actor friends will remember such occasions. No escape! Just get wet. 
The audience for the two shows were amazing. “The weather is not going to interfere with our picnic and watching the performance”. . . and it did not! Everything was as usual, wine, snacks, laughter and great applause for the actor with two broken ribs and a cold! They loved it.
Dean did thank everyone for surviving at the end of the show, especially the’ front of house team’ who were missing, maybe in the Scotch Piper?
Our sound engineer, Bill Sproson was valiant to the end with David Russell of The Friends of Lydiate Abbey. Thanks to all concerned. 😎

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